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Poly Mil Thickness Guide

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What Thickness Polyethylene Do You Need?

1.25 Mil

Lightweight & very economical protection. Great for water-proofing, temporary storage or just protecting from dust, dirt & moisture. These polyethylene bags are the economical choice for light-weight protection.

2 Mil

One of the most popular polyethylene bags made. Excellent for food, clothing, hardware, etc. Makes a great poly bag for storing refrigerating food, clothing or mailing catalogs & magazines.

3 Mil

Outstanding for shipping clothing and other light material. Use as the outer packaging to make a water-proof & tamper-proof package.

4 Mil

Solid protection - very strong - these poly bags are an excellent choice for shipping items through the mail or UPS. Also great for freezer bags too!

6 Mil

Extra thick poly bags! Super Heavy-Duty protection for heavy objects or items with sharp edges.

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